The Knife - Silent Shout

One of the first pieces I'd like to post is an assignment I did for the Advanc

ed Print Media course I'm currently enrolled in here at Kendall! We had to design a folded insert for an album of our choosing. First came the thumbnails:

As you can see, I had pretty much no idea what direction I wanted to go in. I ended up trying to refine one of the figures on the first page, added some friends in and with a little Photoshop magic ended up with:

One of the challenges of this piece was to not only create a working composition across the entire page, but also make sure that it was successful split in half too. The piece is folded in the center and the left side ends up on the front of the jewel case while the left in what you see when it's opened.

I ended up experimenting a bit with my medium and trying out some gouache since it dries so fast.
After I finished the painting, I hand rendered the major text in acrylic on an acetate sheet placed over the painting to protect it. Another part of this class was hand rendering our major text in order to practice precision. It was a huge pain in the butt... but ended up looking pretty nice in person!

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